Crazy lace agate

Production Type: Handcrafted/Handmade
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This Cabochon:
Is a stone that has great patterns and colors that have developed for thousands of years, and over time these patterns have been laid down layer after layer slowly in a environment of heat and pressure,
What is a cabochon gemstone?
A cabochon gemstone features a polished domed surface in contrast to a faceted cut. The dictionary definition describes a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form cabochons are for jewelry making, but can be used in other crafts too. The shape may be symmetrical, calibrated or freeform. Some people refer to these as "semi-precious stone" cabochons, but that is a misnomer as some of these materials are rarer and more valuable than diamonds and rubies! Polished but not cut into facets.
What is cabochon used for?
A Cabochon (or cutting en cabochon – French: “in the manner of a cabochon”) is a type of cut used on gemstones where by the stone is shaped and polished into a smooth, generally convex shape with a flat base. Cabochons or Cabs are generally circular or oval but may be cut into different shapes.

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