Shipping and Returns


Shipping method will be indicated and selected at the time of Checkout. Customers purchase product directly from  the seller. This may cause a customer to receive more than one shipment for their order as each seller will ship products separately. Orders will have a tracking number provided at the time of shipment from the seller. The seller has 48 hours to ship out the order to customers. 


RMA stands for return merchandise authorization. A RMA must be submitted in order to return/exchange a product. The seller will receive the request and will respond accordingly. Returns are handled by the seller. Return requests are allowed only for products that are marked as returnable. If a purchased product is eligible for a return, a RMA can be submitted in your Proodie account under the order. 

Please note: The seller will provide you with an address to send the item(s) you are returning to. Please do not send your return items to Proodie.


Depending on the bank's processing time, it can take anywhere from 5-10 business days to show up on your bank account. In some cases, the refund might be processed as a reversal, meaning the original payment will disappear from the account statement entirely and the balance will reflect as though the charge never occurred.

If you do not see the refund after ten business days and you still seeing the original charge on their bank statement, they should reach out to their bank for more information.

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